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‘ROBOCAR POLI’ to perform 15 days live shows at Indonesian Amusement park that attracts over 100,000

Robocar Poli has been called at the famous Ancol amusement park of Indonesia that has over 100,000 daily visitors per a day.

‘ROBOCAR POLI’ x YOUKU, Promotions across subways, airports and buses throughout China

YOUKU, one of the three largest video platforms in China, is undergoing a China-wide promotion, ‘Robocar Poli YOUKU content partner co-marketing plan (优合计划)’ with globally popular character, Robocar Poli.

Enjoy the Taipei’s amusement park’s Landmark with ROBOCAR POLI!

Taipei Children’s Amusement Park’s (‘TCAP’) landmark has been transformed to Robocar Poli.