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Doremi Friends

DOREMI FRIENDS is a musical edutainment content. Remi, the rabbit and Dodo, the turtle, Fa, the Polar bear, Sol, the monkey, and Lati, the penguin, five baby animals learn through musical activities.

It is produced for 1~3 minutes for infants to keep focusing without losing their attention.

DOREMI FRIENDS is specialized in home-schooling, to let preschoolers acquire the minimum early childhood education that kindergarten provides by watching animations.

According to the developmental stage of kids, it provides appropriate educational content for infants aged 2 to 4.

We made this based on the 'Nuri Course', a public education curriculum for infants in Korea.

We also referred to early childhood education curriculum in the United States, UK, Canada, Germany and Sweden.


Melody Island, a fantastic island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Remi, Dodo, Fa, Sol, and Lati are singing and dancing as they go around on Melody Island just like any other day. They study with Gloria at school and Bolt teaches gymnastics.

The Doremi friends, watch stars and dream together at Dr. Tori's observatory on Melody hill.

There are friends yet to meet and towns yet to go in the unknown areas of Melody Island.


Language English
Target Age kids 24 to 36 moths old
Running Time 1 to 3 minutes
Genre Music Edutainment
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