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Chiro is a show for preschoolers co-produced by ROI VISUAL and ICONIX. Chiro uses warm and pleasant stories to with help the emotional, cognitive, and moral growth of children through the daily lives of the triplet chicks, Chiyo, Chi-chi, and Chiro, and their forest friends who live with the other square animals in Nemoland.


The three curious and playful square chick brothers, Chiro, Chiyo, and Chico, live in Nemoland with their parents. For these three brothers, the world is full of wonderful and interesting things. Playtime with their friends, sweet and innocent little pig Curie, understanding alligator Ulala, and adventurous little monkey Charlie, is full of adventure and mystery and they learn how the world works step by step each new day. Chiro and his friends go to sleep every evening full of hope and excitement for the next morning when they can play a new game.

What exciting games will we play tomorrow?


First Broadcasting Date October, 2010
Episodes Season 1 (5min X 52 eps)
Target Age Ages 3~5
Format Full 3D Digital
Producer Jong il Choi / Jun Young Eom
Director Jun Young Eom
Scenario Jong il Choi


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