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Daily Life Safety with AMBER

Daily Life Safety With AMBER is designed to help children protect themselves and learn how to prevent and cope with situations through examples and situations of careless accidents that can happen in their daily lives.


In Brooms town, where friends with many different personalities and professions live together, there are big and small accidents everyday.

Children can run into dangers such as getting lost, electrical accidents, bicycle accidents, etc., very easily. Robot car rescue team member AMBER is quickly dispatched to solve the cases of these safety accidents that children can face in their daily lives. With AMBER’s remarkable help, children can learn how to deal with these dangers and follow the rules that keep themselves safe every day.


First Broadcasting Date August, 2018
Episodes Season 1, 26 episodes
Target Age Ages 3~5
Format Full 3D Digital
Producer Dong Woo Lee
Director Kwang Soo Jung
Scenario Eun Sul Park and others


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