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Inner Ranger

Inner Ranger is an animation that covers the adventures of nano warriors in a ‘nano-machine’ smaller than cells used to fight germs in their teeth. It’s planned by ROI VISUAL in association with the Korean Academy Pediatric Dentistry, Korean Dental Health Association, and Korean Academy of Preventive Dentistry. It is a dental disease prevention project whose goal is to protect the dental health of children all over the world.


Ian, a game genius, is a bit of a troublemaker at the Science Academy. One day, when a girl named Choy moves to Ian's lab, and Ian learns about the nano-world. Choy controls a nanomachine and takes Ian, another pilot candidate, to Nano Headquarters as an Inner Ranger who fights germs. Ian becomes a formal Inner Ranger after many ups and downs, but he somehow he always manages to fight with his partner, Choy. However, Ian and Choy learn true courage and friendship as they fight together against the nasty bacteria in their teeth, and grow into true partners, realizing the importance of dental health.


First Broadcasting Date November, 2011
Episodes Season 1 (25min X 3 episodes)
Target Age Ages 7~9
Format Full 3D Digital
Producer Dong woo Lee / Jun Young Eom
Director Jun Young Eom
Associate Director Jung Hoon Park
Scenario Young Woo Lee and others


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