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Traffic Safety with POLI

Traffic Safety with POLI was produced as a part of the Global Traffic Safety Campaign. It delivers essential traffic safety information for children through fun and easy episodes.


In Brooms Town, where friends with a variety of personalities and occupations live together, there are always troubles and accidents both big and small.

Children, who are less capable of dealing with these situations, are always especially at risk regarding traffic accidents. Robocar POLI is quickly dispatched to solve the problems that arise at these types of unexpected traffic accidents that children may encounter in everyday life. Children can learn how to deal with crises and traffic safety through Robocar POLI’s rescuing activities.


First Broadcasting Date November, 2011
Target Age Ages 3~5
Format Full 3D Digital
Producer Dong Woo Lee
Director Jung Hoon Park
Scenario Young Woo Lee and others


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